Kado™ - Thinnest Charger in the World

Kado is a global innovator of thin power conversion technologies. The company was founded with the vision of setting new power transforming standards, replacing traditional bulky power adapters with ultra-thin and highly compact alternatives that best match today’s mobile lifestyle. Successfully unveiled at CES 2017, Kado develops new topologies and power electronics components that offer high power density and excellent performance.

Based on its proprietary technology, Kado currently offers two types of wall-chargers and develops a variety of products that complete its unique charging experience:

- Kado Wallet for cell phones and tablets, is the size of a credit card and as thin as 3 credit cards stacked together (5mm/0.2”). Its dimensions make it optimal for carrying in a wallet or a purse .
- Kado Sleeve is the first ever folding laptop charger. Thin as a pencil (8mm/0.3”), it is equipped with 2 USB ports for simultaneously charging a laptop and a smaller secondary device.

Established in 2016, Kado has three pending patents and is led by the former founders of Mobeego, a low-cost disposable charger which was acquired by US-based LifeClips. Kado is based in Israel and is funded by private investors and AltaIR Capital.

For more information: www.kado.tech
Watch our product demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKCQBv_FRxA

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