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Streem Launches ARCore-Powered App Redefining Efficiency and Convenience in Home Services
New Features Bring Enhanced Augmented Reality Toolset to Home Services Professionals; Streem to be Highlighted by Google for ARCore Launch

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain -- Streem™, a technology company connecting home service professionals to their customers through on-demand intelligent video, today announced advanced augmented reality (AR) features built upon Google's just-released ARCore.  The new capabilities unveiled today at the world's largest gathering of the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress, will also be highlighted by Google in their launch of ARCore.

Targeting the $400 billion home services industry, Streem has created a mobile platform that uses a combination of augmented reality and machine learning to make it faster and increasingly convenient for home service professionals to diagnose, quote, perform, and support work — from repairs to system installations to home remodels.  Today, ARCore is supported on over 100 million Android devices.

"We're using ARCore to power unprecedented real-world utility for business," said Ryan Fink, CEO and co-founder of Streem.  "Streem is a practical use of AR to help home service pros from handymen to plumbers to contractors quote and get the right jobs, do and support the work, and ultimately get more out of their business.  Despite being breakthrough technology, the user experience remains familiar and straightforward.

Using ARCore, Streem now captures rich 3D data about the real world and can anchor AR items in that space.  Specifically, new features include:

  • StreemShots™: The app can capture and store a high-resolution photograph during a video collaboration session and that photograph will contain full 3D data of the physical space; for the first time, that data can be used to take measurements remotely, as well as to find angles, markup the photo with annotations, and share with a customer or crew.
  • 3D Arrows: A 3-dimensional arrow that anchors to any point in the environment, determined by the pro, pointing in a specific direction, and stays positioned regardless of movement of the phone viewing it – allowing the home pro to reach out and point.
  • On-site Measurements & AR (recorded): Using the available 3D data when on-site, a pro can take measurements, find angels, and markup the site to be stored or later shared.

These features highlight an important way Streem stands alone as a novel AR approach.  Most AR apps are "first-person" and local, meaning a user enjoys a personal AR experience rendered in the same room.  Streem is one of the first companies to develop this shared, remote AR experience. From virtually any location, a Streem pro app user can utilize rich information captured by an on-site user, and remotely drive the AR experience.

See how the app is used to quote a project, do the work and support a customer here.

Streem, for homeowners is free, and Streem Pro, for the home service professional, is available for a free trial and can be download from Google Play Store here.  Homeowners are invited to the consumer app by a professional, or may sign up for more information at

About Streem

Streem is a technology company that enhances real-time communication and collaboration through intelligent, on-demand video streaming. The platform delivers a combination of augmented reality (AR), computer vision and machine learning. It equips users with the ability to capture crucial information such as brand model and serial numbers, take measurements, and save notes through the platform's unique digital toolbox and to record and capture images and information through HD video. With Streem, home service professionals are able to enhance productivity and eliminate time spent traveling to and from job sites. For more information, please visit


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